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Is your organization searching for a fundraiser with NO money upfront?

God’s Glory™ Bible is a great way to share the word of God, raise funds and challenge your supporters to do good in the local community. Take away the stress of buying fundraising products upfront.

Choose traditional fundraising or apply to be a fundraising partner to electronically raise funds. Or, work with both!

Traditional Fundraising Partner:

Download pre-sell brochures for the members of your group to use to collect orders and payment from your supporters, place your organization’s final order with God’s Glory™ Bible team, deliver God’s Glory™ Bible to your supporters and earn money for each sale.
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Electronic Fundraising Partner:

Apply to be a electronic fundraising partner then choose a banner ad for your website and/or a special unique webpage advertising your organization and your goals. God’s Glory™ Bible is delivered directly to your supporters and your organization receives a check each month for sales from your campaign.
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Start a successful fundraising campaign for your organization today!

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