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Traditional Fundraising Partner

Traditional Fundraising is a great way for your church or school to raise money with God’s Glory™ Bible.

We make it easy, everything is right here on this page for you to download and start today.

  1. Review the General Information and make sure God’s Glory™ Bible is the correct fit for your organization.
  2. Read and re-read the Checklist and confirm your organization and members are completely committed. Fundraising is hard work.
  3. Complete the Application to be a Traditional Fundraising Partner and return it to
  4. Once approved, make sure all of your supporters agree to, and sign, the Personal Pledge.
  5. Print Order Forms for all participating members of your organization.
  6. Print flyers and one-page information sheets to place in bulletins and announcements and post on bulletin boards. Use these to help your members in sales as well.
  7. Complete the Final Order and submit it to the God’s Glory™ Bible team at for your total due, including shipping costs, and send in your order and payment.
  8. After delivery to your supporters, enjoy your success and send each supporter a Thank You note.
  9. Earn money for each sale!

Minimum order 10. One way to make even more money is to ask each supporter to pay an additional $3.99 to cover the shipping cost. Fundraising with God’s Glory™ Bible is limited to churches and schools.

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