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The Holy Bible Honoring God & Country

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Words of Jesus Christ Printed in Red

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I was born an American;
I will live an American;
I shall die an American.

- Daniel Webster, July 17, 1850

God's Glory Bible with box

God’s Glory™ Bible is a symbol of God and Country united.  Its cover is a Star Spangled Banner of red, white and blue and you know it is the Holy Bible from its size, shape and gilt page edges.  Instantly putting both of these images together – it looks like the Holy Bible wrapped in an American Flag.  God’s Glory™ Bible – One Nation Under God.

Along with symbolizing God and Country, God’s Glory™ Bible has many other components that make it a unique Bible for every patriotic American.

On the front cover one gold star shines above the golden words, “Holy Bible”.  Its deep blue field has thirteen stars in total: 12 white stars representing the 12 disciples and one gold star representing Jesus.  Together, the thirteen stars represent the 13 original colonies of the United States of America.  The blue field, the white stars and the red and white stripes continue around the spine and back of the Bible.  “God’s Glory Bible,” “King James Version” and “Holy Bible” are written on the spine in gold.  The edges of the entire cover are stitched with thread to finish the fine details of the cover.

Feel the cover and feel the quality – the cover has a leather-like feel that is of a higher quality than many bonded and genuine leather products.  This is far from a paper cover that goes over your current Bible, the colors are actually dyed into the supple cover material.  Think of how the leather is dyed black on a black leather Bible, God’s Glory™ Bible material is white with red and blue dyed into the material.  The dyes are UV resistant and formulated especially for God’s Glory Bible.  It is flexible, it has weight, it is substantial and it feels solid in your hand.

God’s Glory™ Bible measures approximately 5 3/4” x  8 3/4” x  1 1/16″.  It is just the right size for anyone to easily carry to church and to use on a daily basis.  At the top and bottom of the Bible, you can see how the pages are sewn together – a sign of quality American workmanship.  A dark blue 1/4” satin ribbon is sewn into the top inner spine and extends beyond the pages so you can easily mark your place.  When the cover is turned back, deep blue end pages match the blue in the cover.  The edges of the pages are gold metallic gilt, and the gilt edges shimmer to match the gold foil imprinting on the front cover and spine.  The gold gleams and catches the light at every turn.

When God’s Glory™ Bible begins, the first page is the Presentation Page for inscribing your name and the date it came into your life.  Or, if it is a gift, you can enter the information for someone receiving it as a present for a graduation, a first Bible, a birthday, or any event in life – even just for love.  Family Records Pages come next and provide space to record important information about your family history – Mother’s Family Tree, Father’s Family Tree, Marriages, Births, Deaths, and even a page for Military Service, Public Service, Awards and Honors.  By documenting your family history, your entries will make God’s Glory™ Bible an immediate heirloom for you to pass along to the next generation.

In keeping with its patriotic theme, a full page is devoted to listing the name of each state and the date each was admitted to the United States of America.

Another part of God’s Glory™ Bible that makes it unique is a inspirational section that showcases four good-hearted Americans who committed themselves to making a difference in the lives of fellow Americans.  These testimonials will inspire every owner of God’s Glory™ Bible to continue with a purpose of hope, get involved and contribute to our country’s well-being.  After the inspirational stories, exclusive pages are designated for you to enter your own goals to serve others, including spaces for you to write the dates and descriptions of your goals and the dates you accomplish your goals.  This allows you to create a personal testimony of doing good for others in a way for your family to remember forever, further creating an heirloom for the next generation.

All of the family records pages and inspirational stories are on stock paper with a watermark in the red, white and blue design of the cover – stars and stripes wave across each page.  The pages have easy-to-read black print, line spacing large enough to make writing easy, and simple and informative text indicating where and how to complete the information to make your copy of God’s Glory™ Bible your own.

The title page introduces the Holy Bible in the King James Version and highlights that God’s Glory™ Bible is printed and bound in the United States of America.  An index of the books of the Bible comes next dividing the books by testament and listing them in order with page numbers for easy reference.  Then, the Holy Bible begins with Genesis and the Creation.

The paper used for the Bible pages feels proper for a Holy Bible.  They are easy to turn and the paper is of a high quality so that no shadows show through from the back, meaning that verses are easy to read.  The print itself is called “large print” in the industry, but it means that it is easier to read than the small print in Bibles of olden days.  The New Testament features the words of Christ in red and after the Book of Revelation, eight full-color maps on stock paper provide historical illustration for places in the Bible.

God’s Glory™ Bible is packaged for presentation in a Flag-red two-piece box highlighted with gold foil lettering showing one star and “God’s Glory Bible” on the front and sides.  The presentation box can be gift wrapped for giving and also used for storage of your new family heirloom.

God’s Glory™ Bible is trademarked and the design is patent pending.

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